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Zara Ultimatte Lipstick Review

Hey cuties,

So you probably saw that high street clothing company, Zara launched their beauty line the other day! See my post on that here if you need to catch up!

I couldn’t resist ordering at least one item from the initial launch, which happened to be one of their Ultimatte lipsticks. I went for the gorgeous neutral shade UM01 and I’ve gotta say – it’s my new fave lippy! This shade is a lovely dusky rose nude, perfect for every day colour.

The packaging was definitely the first thing to grab my attention – different to any other brands I’ve seen but in a pretty understated way. It arrived in a cute camera film style case that opens up to reveal the lipstick in all its glory. I love that Zara have chosen a classy, chic, matte navy for all their lipsticks. It’s sophisticated without being boring black, and the matte feel makes it feel expensive to hold. It’s already luxurious and that was before I’d opened the lid!

When first applying, I couldn’t help but notice how gorgeous it smelt! I’ve never really noticed lipstick scents before, but this is fruity and sweet and already made me fall in love.

The lipstick itself immediately delivers a rich pigment, there’s no need to keep building it up and it applies so soft and velvety – no dragging your lips. It almost feels like a satin lipstick, but does dry matte, as promised.

Five hours later and lasting power is proving very impressive – it has stayed put through my black forest hot chocolate with no transfer marks all over the take out cup. It has even stayed put after my ‘pigs under blankets panini’ without smudging and without drying my lips out whatsoever.

Overall, it has easily become my new favourite lipstick very quickly. I’m seriously impressed. It applies like a dream, it doesn’t feel too dry or cakey on your lips and it really does stand the test of time. Not only that, but the packaging is also so sophisticated and feels weighty and expensive. At £9.99 each, they’re also seriously affordable.

I’m looking forward to treating myself to a few more after Christmas, as I can’t wait to try out more shades – especially UM15, a gorgeous bright red, UM11 a soft beautiful burgundy and the darker of the nude colours, UM04!

Have you tried Zara’s lipstick collection yet?

Thanks for reading,

Love Charlie x

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