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Two Months Of Motherhood

Hey lovelies!

So apparently I blinked and now somehow our little boy is a whole 2 months old! How crazy is that?! I thought I’d give you guys a little update about how I’ve found the last two months as a new mum, so here are a few things we’ve faced two months in.


At 8 weeks Ollie is starting to dish out all the smiles, we have little chats all the time (mainly growling) and it’s so amazing to see that he recognises our faces and voices. It’s been wonderful watching him grow and I can’t believe how much he’s changed in such a short space of time. He’s gone from a little skinny sparrow legged baba to a chunky little monkey with irresistible chubby cheeks.

We’ve had some very clingy periods during our first two months of life, thanks to teething at 7 weeks (can you believe that?!), a spot of colic and some pretty awful reflux. We’ve just tried to just take it easy and give him what he needs – extra cuddles and a ton of patience, which admittedly was hard to find at times! It’s very hard to get on with your daily tasks with a baby who refuses to be put down for more than a few minutes. Putting on makeup is usually done one handed and meals are usually slapped together as best possible.

He hated having his nappy and clothes changed in the first month or so, but finally he has admitted defeat and quite likes having a little kick about on his changing mat. Bath time is always lots fun, he loves splashing and kicking his little frog legs about. I can’t wait to take him swimming, he’s a proper water baby, just like mummy!

My little 6lb 14oz baba has grown quite a bit actually, He was weighed last week and was a whopping 10lbs 11oz! It’s actually scary how fast they grow and develop. He’s started focusing on things more and loves watching TV, his favourites to watch at the minute are Thor and the Simpsons – must take after daddy in that department as I’m more of a Call the Midwife and romantic comedy kinda girl.

We’ve started going to Kimble’s, a baby group focused on stimulating their senses using music and movement. It’s nice to get out with other mummies and do something a little bit different. We’ve started going on pram walks with other mums and babies too, including friends and family that have little ones as well.

I honestly love being Oliver’s mummy and can’t wait to watch him grow and develop even more. I love that soon he’ll be putting his arms out for a cuddle and kissing us back and trying to talk to us even more. Time really has flown by and I don’t want to miss a second of my gorgeous boy growing up!

Mummy & Daddy

I am absolutely loving motherhood so far, it’s absolutely exhausting and some days I could cry from lack of sleep, but it’s honestly what I’m supposed to be. Even as I child myself, I can only ever remember wanting to be a mum to a huge family full of kids and dogs and a loving husband. I’d have another now if Myles would let me! Breastfeeding is going fab and although it’s annoying having to wear clothes that I can easily whack a boob out from, I’m loving every second of it.

As for Myles, I’m actually in awe of him when he’s interacting with our Ollie. I know it sounds a bit cliche, but I’ve fallen deeper in love with him than ever before! Especially when I catch him singing to him or having a good chat together whilst Myles let’s Ollie ‘swim’ in the bath, my heart just melts. Watching him grow as a Daddy is lovely, we’ve had our stresses along the way, but we get through it quickly and despite him doubting himself, he’s doing an amazing job.

We’ve tried to make sure we don’t lose sight of us a couple. We’ve been together two and a half years and lived together for the most of that, so we’re so used to it just being us two. Making room for Ollie was so easy but we try to make sure he’s not the only one getting all the snuggles. It’s not easy whilst he’s a clingy boy and struggling with his reflux, but every now and again we can have a meal together without Ollie sitting on our knee. No matter how tired we are, we always have a quick cuddle before we go to sleep.

We’ve not had our first outing out without Ollie yet and honestly, I’m just nowhere near up for it. When he was just over two weeks old, we did put him upstairs to bed with the baby monitor on so we could have us time with a film on. Unfortunately, Myles’s shifts make it hard to do that and when we do get a rare chance, we usually value our sleep more.

I like to make sure I make a little time for myself each day, usually it’s a quick shower followed by some nice skincare. That shower time for me is my Charlie time to clear my head and help me replenish. It sounds simple but these things get overlooked pretty quickly with a newborn and I’ve learnt that it’s so important to look after yourself in order to look after a baby.

Self care is definitely not selfish. I’ve got better as the weeks go on, to make time for myself and not feel guilty about it. Hopefully in the next month or so I’ll be able to do a full face of makeup uninterrupted and with two hands! Maybe Myles and I will be also be able to eat dinner together without one of us cutting up the others so we can eat one handed.

So there we go… that’s where we are at so far. What a beautifully crazy two months it has been. It’s gone so fast and it’s been very hard at times, but so rewarding seeing how our little man is progressing. His little personality shines through each day and we can’t wait to see how funny he’ll become and what sort of things he likes to do. I won’t lie and make out being a mum is a breeze, it’s bloody hard work and no one can really prepare you for it. However, it’s the best bloody job I could ever ever wish for.

I’m always happy to answer any questions so feel free to comment below or message me on my social media sites!

Thanks for reading,

Love Charlie x

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4 thoughts on “Two Months Of Motherhood

  1. Oh jeez this makes me feel so sorry for my mum… I weighed over 11lb at birth 😭😂 I’d never realised how huge that was until I see pictures like this! I can’t get over how cute he is as well, motherhood seems to suit you so much!!

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