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Procoal Charcoal Face Scrub Review

Hi honey buns,

When I was invited to review the Charcoal Exfoliating Face Scrub by Procoal, I won’t lie, I got a little excited. I have combination skin, where some areas are greasier than a chip pan and others drier than the Sahara. My skin tends to have break out patches of flakey here and there and I always seem to get pesky little blackheads on my chin and nose area. So the chance to review a product that helps to cleanse and detox my skin was a bit of a no-brainer really. Especially when it claims to give a more radiant complexion – something I’m desperate of these days due to lack of sleep!

I absolutely love Charcoal skincare products, I’ve tried a few scrubs in the past and always loved how clear they make my skin look. Activated charcoal is known to help clear deep seated pores, removing pollutants to purify the complexion.

Since giving birth to my wonderful boy, I admit I have been slacking in the skincare department and opting for a baby wipe to take my makeup off each night. Ahhh I know it’s a sin, but sometimes you just need those extra few minutes of sleep!

When I first opened Procoal’s Charcoal face Scrub, I thought it was going to be really dark like other charcoal products I have used. However, it’s actually really pale grey/white with pumice and charcoal bits crushed into it. I just love the grittiness of the charcoal as it makes it a great natural exfoliator. The pumice pieces help to gently remove dead surface skin cells and unclog the pores. It’s almost like a toothpaste texture, with bits. It doesn’t look scary at all and thank god – it doesn’t leave a dirty sink.

It’s super easy to use, I just like to use a small amount and rub in circular motions all around my face to get it really cleaning the skin. Focusing especially around my nose and chin! I usually just splash my face with water afterwards to clear it off – I don’t like using flannels, but each to their own. The results are beautiful soft silky skin. Like… really soft skin.

It also contains calendula oil, a natural oil that is extracted from marigold flowers. It is known to have antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties that might make it useful in healing wounds and soothing eczema. It’s also known to help restore skin’s water balance and improve moisture retention.

Allantoin is also amongst the ingredients, this is known helps reduce skin irritations and stimulates the growth of healthy tissue. It’s also a great moisturiser and helps to promote skin smoothness.  I’m pleased to share that it is also animal cruelty free, made in the UK and it’s free from parabens, SLS, mineral oils and paraffins.

Overall, I absolutely love this scrub and would highly recommend it to anyone struggling with blocked pores and/or dry patches of skin! My skin feels amazing after just one use and it just looks and feels so much more healthier. I’ve even caught the other half sneaking a bit out of the tube!

It should retail at £19.99, but it’s currently down to just £8.99! If you fancy it, click HERE.

I’ve also got a friend referral code for 20% off any product until May 19th 2019. I know i’ll be ordering my next tube soon!


Thanks for reading!

Love Charlie x

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* This product was gifted to me by the good people at PROCOAL, all views and opinions are my own!

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