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Gooey Mini Egg Chocolate Cookies

Hey lovelies,

I recently posted my quick mini egg cookie recipe on here and so many people messaged me on Instagram to say they tried it out and loved them!

I’ve been keeping my ultimate fave chocolate cookie recipe to myself, but today I thought I’d share it with you all! I usually do them with M&M’s on top, but you can use any type of chocolate sweet really. Today I’ve tried mini eggs and chocolate chips, they’re perfect for Easter and delicious too!

I often prefer to do recipes using cup measurements rather than weighing ingredients out. It makes the whole process quicker and easier, especially if you’ve got kids helping you out. You can buy cups like this in most supermarkets and cookery stores, I got mine from Sainsbury’s!


1 cup butter (I use Stork for all baking recipes! If you buy a small pack in the foil – one whole pack will do for this recipe)

3/4 cup Granulated Sugar

2/3 cup Brown Sugar

2 Eggs

1 tsp. Vanilla

2 1/4 Cups Plain Flour

2/3 Cup Unsweetened Cocoa Powder

1 tsp. Bicarbonate Soda

1/4 tsp. Salt

White Chocolate Chips

Mini Eggs


1. In one bowl, mix together the flour, cocoa powder, bicarbonate soda and salt then set to one side, you’ll need these shortly!

2. In a separate bowl, cream together the butter and both sugars.

3. Mix the eggs and vanilla essence into the butter and sugar mix until it creates a gooey consistency.

4. Next, you can grab those dry ingredients you mixed earlier and add them in, one cup full at a time until it creates a dough-like consistency.

5. Roll dough into small even balls and place onto a baking tray lined with grease proof paper. Make sure you leave enough space for them to grow!


6. Bash mini eggs in the bag using a rolling pin. I open the bag first and place a tea towel over the top before bashing to stop them from flying everywhere!

7. Press your bits of mini eggs and chocolate chips into the balls in a cluster on top. This will allow them to show up on the top of the cookies rather than hidden within the biscuit. Try not to squash the balls down as this stops the cookies becoming gooey. If you prefer a harder biscuit texture then feel free to squash your balls into patties instead.

8. Bake in the oven for 9-11 minutes at 180 degrees centigrade. The longer you keep them in, the crisper they’ll get around the edges. I take mine out after 9 mins for ultimate gooey goodness.

So pretty and yummy too!

l really love these, the soft and almost cake-y texture works great combined with the crunchy mini eggs. The pretty Easter colours just pop off the dark chocolate cookies!

Like I said above, I often do them with M&M’s and colour coordinate them depending on the occasion. For example, for Christmas I’ll only put green, white and red M&M’s on top for that festive feel. Smarties and Reese’s Pieces also go super well on top of these treats too!

Give them a try!

Love Charlie x

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