Oliver’s Four Month Update

Hello lovelies!

Can you believe it’s the middle of May already? That means I have a 4 month old baby! I know I can’t get my head around that either. My last Ollie update was at 2 months old, so I thought I’d let you guys in on life here at 4 months old.

This parenting life is absolutely crazy, but we’re loving life with our bundle of joy. We adore having our boy in our lives, we’ve got our little routines and of course there’s the odd bit of winging it on the daily! I thought spilling it out into a big list would be the easiest way to make sense of the last four months really.

So here are 60 things about parenting our Oliver at four months old…

  1. You’re way over double your birth weight now baby boy, 6lbs14oz to 14lbs on the dot in just four months on nothing but mama’s milk. Incredible how babies work isn’t it?
  2. You blow spit bubbles like there’s no tomorrow and dribble worse than your doggie pal Weller.
  3. Sometimes that little bottom lip comes out and it’s the saddest thing in the world.
  4. You find it funny when Mummy and Daddy sing silly songs to you and dance around with you. “Spongebob Squarepants” is a current favourite.
  5. You love to grab Mummy’s necklace, it’s how you nap so easily in my arms.
  6. You’ve decided that sleeping at night is not for you anymore! Are you really sure about that? Please try and get some rest soon, Mummy and Daddy are shattered!
  7. You’ve started rolling over from front to back and onto your sides. We’re so proud! Luckily we caught this on video too!
  8. You looooove the boobie!
  9. Your smile lights up your whole face and makes everyone around you smile too.
  10. It’s almost time to move you out of the pram and into the proper pushchair attachment.
  11. Sometimes breastfeeding is so hard and I want to give up so other people can feed you. But in the same breath I absolutely love it and want to feed you forever! The 7am feed is always my favourite.
  12. You’re so nosy! You’re always craning your neck to see people, you don’t want to miss out on anything.
  13. The house is always a mess. I know you don’t care but I wish I could stay on top of it for my sanity.
  14. White noise is still our saviour when you have a melt down. Your favourite is the “airplane cabin” and “fan” mix.
  15. You seem to prefer sleeping in Mummy and Daddy’s bed in the early hours. As much as I hate that it’s not what we planned (and it means Mummy won’t sleep for staring at you), sometimes I look across and I secretly love it.
  16. Your cheeky personality is really starting to shine through. You laugh at us now and find so many things hilarious.
  17. You love a good chew on your fists. It helps ease your teggy-pegs that are starting to show.
  18. Any idea when this sleep regression will end? You just started sleeping so well! What happened?
  19. Your morning poops are always bang on schedule and you LOVE having your booty changed.
  20. Those chunky legs of yours are so adorable, I can’t get enough of your Michelin Man rolls!
  21. You love being outside, I love catching you looking up at the tall trees when the sun shines through.
  22. Sometimes I still can’t believe you’re ours!
  23. It’s a mission to get out of the house on time and remember to bring everything.
  24. You poop through clothes at least once a day, thank god Mummy can wash it out!
  25. You have super long legs like Mummy too, your baby grows are too short in the legs and too long in the arms.
  26. You love being tickled and that little laugh melts my heart.
  27. Freddie the firefly is your favourite toy, you love to chew his wings and shake him about.
  28. You are such a chatterbox, what are you thinking baby boy?
  29. Mummy is still learning not to feel guilty when she just need some time to herself!
  30. Watching you play with Daddy makes Mummy feel all warm inside.
  31. I cry all the time looking back at how little you were, you’ve grown so fast sweetheart, please slow down!
  32. You’re no longer classed as a newborn. Gosh! People weren’t lying when they said it goes by so fast.
  33. This is simply the best, most rewarding and the hardest thing thing I’ve ever done.
  34. Sorry for snapping at Daddy sometimes. Mummy is tired but she loves him so much.
  35. You have started to love tummy time! You hold yourself up so well!
  36. What colour is that hair going to be baby boy? And those eyes for that matter.
  37. What on earth did we do with our time before you were here?
  38. You love watching TV, your favourite things to watch include Moana, Madagascar and The Simpson’s!
  39. There are around 13’000 photos on Mummy’s phone and most of them are of you!
  40. You love bath time, we can’t wait to take you swimming, my little water babe.
  41. You pull at Mummy’s hair like no tomorrow, I’m convinced I’ll be bald soon.
  42. Daddy is your best pal, he always makes you smile when Mummy can’t.
  43. You love your bouncy chairs, you kick for England and love to laugh at yourself bouncing.
  44. You have to hold Mummy’s hand to go to sleep at night. It’s so sweet but Mummy needs to sleep too.
  45. In fact, we’ve introduced a comforter at bedtime, we hope Minty comforts you to sleep just as well as Mummy does.
  46. You love being in your sling carrier, you fall asleep so quickly and so deeply!
  47. You find your mirror image hilarious.
  48. Mummy and Daddy hurt inside when you cry for so long, what’s bothering you little lamb?
  49. You’ve really found your voice, you can scream and laugh and giggle and coo. We love your little conversations.
  50. You fart and burp louder than most adults do.
  51. You can sit up on your own for a few seconds without flopping into our arms. You’re getting so strong young man!
  52. Mummy can’t stop buying you cute clothes, I just love dressing you up.
  53. Only 10 more weeks until we start baby led weaning! You already try to steal Mama’s food from her hands and mouth.
  54. I kind of like the odd nighttime feed, it feels like we’re the only two awake in the world and it’s kind of peaceful.
  55. Mummy and Daddy can’t wait to take you to so many special places, we think you’ll love the aquarium!
  56. Your sneezes are so cute! The little noise you make when one is coming but doesn’t come out makes us laugh so much.
  57. You’re even more amazing than we ever hoped. We didn’t think we could love anyone as much as we love each other.
  58. We hope to give you siblings to play with some day baby boy, we want a big family to love and have fun with.
  59. You have some really good play mates already, Mummy loves taking you on days out with your baby friends.
  60. Did I mention…. We love you so very much!

So there we have it. Life with a scrumptious little four month old.

Can anyone else relate?

You might have guessed sleep is the biggest thing on our minds right now. Myles and I both need a good amount of sleep to function properly so we’re looking forward a full night… if and when that happens.

What’s the hardest thing you’ve had to deal with and how did you cope?

I know it can be super hard at times, but I have to remind myself that above anything, this is the best job I’ve ever had and any hard moments soon pass by.

Hope you didn’t get too bored by my ramblings! See you in the next post,

Love Charlie x

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