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Love The Skin You’re In Before, During And After Pregnancy

Hi lovelies,

Pregnancy is such a weird and wonderful experience that us woman go through, especially when it’s your first time. I had no idea what to expect to feel like. I fully underestimated morning sickness and was fooled into thinking it would miraculously disappear at the strike of 12 noon, I felt the baby kick in places I didn’t think possible and my skin never did gain that promising pregnancy glow.

In fact, my skin took quite a hit when I fell pregnant. Not only was drained of all colour, but the moisture in my skin had pretty much diminished. I had horrendous patches of eczema appear all over my body, one was actually on my eyelid which made opening that eye almost impossible. I had zits appear in a matter of hours and those little red blood dots show up all over my bump. As you can imagine, I wasn’t shocked when I started to notice little silver stretch marks creep up and around my baby bump.

To be quite honest, before pregnancy, I didn’t treat my skin with the greatest care. I’ve always had dry skin, patchy eczema and cracked knuckles, yet I very rarely used to moisturise. During pregnancy, I didn’t get much better. When my bum started to get a bit bigger, I treated myself to all these different types of baby bump rubs and obviously got myself some decent hydrocortisone cream! Unfortunately, I only used them sporadically after a week or so, I kept forgetting and sometimes I just couldn’t be bothered to get all greasy before getting into bed. Plus, I was on week 32 and I still had no real marks, just those little silver ones I mentioned earlier.

I thought I had skipped the tiger stripe stage out really, they stayed small and silver and so I figured there was no point in using any stretch mark specific creams. I’d also read that they are very much to do with your skin elasticity and genetics so I figured that lotions and potions wouldn’t do much to prevent that. If I was going to get them, I’d get them.

At the very last stages of my pregnancy, I was pleased that nothing had really appeared across my belly. I thought I had gone through fairly unmarked, that was until I noticed huge marks across my middle, after I gave birth! When I finally got home from hospital and dared to look in the mirror, my silver slithers were now huge purple and pink cracks. To be honest, I was a bit peeved. I could deal with the silver streaks, they didn’t really stand out and they were actually kind of cute in a weird, pregnancy hormone kind of way. These purple cracks across my midsection were huge and I felt like I was finding more every day! A couple of teeny ones on my thighs and one either side of my boobs! When did they appear?!

Five months later and they’ve faded slightly, but summer is here and I’d love to take our little squidge swimming without feeling self conscious. It’s funny really, I don’t notice them when I’m at home but I know that they’re not socially acceptable and I suppose it’s that fear of judgement isn’t it. Not only that, my poor skin has gone through the mill. All that growing and stretching has made me realise how amazing our bodies really are.

With that in mind, I’ve been trying to look after it a lot better. I’ve started drinking more water than any other drinks, I’ve been moisturising daily, I use sun block when I know I’ll be outside all day and I’ve even switched from using foundation to using tinted moisturiser. Recently, I figured I should be looking after the skin on my belly by helping it to heal and tighten after stretching so much during pregnancy.

That’s where my new little beauty product comes in. ME AND ME Anti-Stretch Marks Firming Cream is a highly efficient, luxurious tummy cream that not only helps to reduce existing stretch marks, but also increases the skin’s firmness after pregnancy. I’ve been really into self care recently, but like many mums, I’ve put myself on the back burner since Ollie arrived, so having this little wonder has helped me to remember to look after myself. I love getting out the shower, knowing that this is waiting for me. It’s thick and creamy, yet goes on so smooth. I love that little bit of me time every morning.

ME AND ME created this cream with mums in mind. It is packed with stress reducing ingredients and prebiotics to help maintain healthy skin by restoring the microbiological balance. Just what you need after a rough nights sleep. I also rub a dab in just before I go to bed, in the hope that those cortisol reducing ingredients work their magic and help me to drift off quickly to sleep to grab a few hours before baby wakes again!

I think many mums, whether new or experienced, tend to forget to have their little bit of daily kid-free, self care time. It’s important that us mums remember who we are! Whether you like to read a chapter of a book in peace each day, paint your nails without being summoned by the small people or even have a nice hot shower and quick daily skincare routine on your own.

We just need to remember that self care is not selfish and we should love the skin we’re in after all it’s done to grow our most prize possessions!

Thanks for reading,

Love Charlie x

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* This Me and Me product was gifted to me in return for a written blog post. All opinions are my own!

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