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Oliver’s Six Month Update

Hey lovelies ,

Bloody Nora, these updates come round thick and fast don’t they? I’ll start by giving us a little round of applause. We have successfully kept a little human alive and well for a whole six months! And god has he grown!

This kid seems to learn so much so fast. To be honest, we can’t keep up with everything! We got through leap four and he became this hilarious, fun loving baba, he laughs at everything and is super inquisitive. A total joy to be around. (most of the time)!

I’m really enjoying this six month stage so much. Yes I need to see if I can grow a set of eyes for the back of my head, but Ollie’s personality is coming out more and more each day and it’s so lovely to see.

Here are just some of the big milestone’s that have been reached since our 4 month update


I won’t go into too much detail here as I’m saving more on this for a bigger blog post, but we have started Ollie on solids now. He’s still unsure about certain food and textures, but I’m sure he’ll soon learn to love it just as much as we do.

We’re mainly doing baby led weaning with the odd meal being spoon fed. Mainly when he’s tired or grouchy, or sometimes he just wants me to hold the food because it’s fiddly or slippy. Which is fine, we’re mixing it up really and just going on how Ollie wants to feed that day. I mean we’re lucky he’s even swallowing and digesting food so early on, so we’re happy to continue trying new things, whether he eats from mumma’s hand or sucks it off his tray!

We’ve tried a range of veggies and fruits, fish and other bits and bobs. I’m excited to introduce some more proper meals and create some that we can all try together. I love that in a few months I can create those instagramable masterpieces for him to eat!

Hopefully in the next update, we will have mastered trying food without it being smothered in Greek yoghurt! 

Read, Set… Go!

Since the last update Ollie is rolling over like a pro. He’s also sneakily shuffling around the room on his tummy, I can’t take my eyes off him for two minutes. Which reminds me, I must remember to strap a few duster cloths to him!

He’s started doing this sliding penguin pose, which is the most hilarious thing I’ve ever seen. Legs up in the air, arms back, head up and just resting his whole weight on his tummy. He gets super frustrated that he can’t just get up and go, so I’m pretty sure it won’t be long before he’s crawling.

Brain Development

Ollie’s brain is so busy right now, he’s learning so much and seeing what he can do from one day to the next blows my mind. His hand eye coordination is getting better and better, he can swipe for a toy with precision, no problem. He’s starting to discover that the world around him is much bigger than being sat on mummy’s lap. I love watching how inquisitive he is, constantly looking behind, under and around things. We love playing peekaboo with him now, he finds it highly amusing!

I adore watching him reach for things now too, he does the cutest little hand flexing to indicate that “he’d like it now please”. I’ve been teaching him to do it to us too, which is great as I know exactly when he wants to be picked up for a cuddle and when he wants me to leave him to play.

He takes great pride in the fact he can throw food and other objects now, he’s a big fan of the “mummy pick up” game. He particularly finds it funny when we’re out and about, I’m constantly picking up his favourite toy over and over and over again!

Those little hands do like to explore. Especially mouths. In fact, he spends more of his time with his hands in my mouth than his own. When we’re breastfeeding, he will not feed unless he has his spare hand inside my mouth and having a good old furk about in there. Either that, or pulling at my lips or chin. I’m covered in little scratches and cuts!

Who’s A Big Boy Then

I honestly can’t get over how much this lad is growing! Where on earth has my little 6lbs 14oz newborn baby boy gone? The time has absolutely flown by! Two weeks ago, we had him weighed at 16lbs 12oz, a huge increase from three weeks prior. We’ve even jumped percentiles and that was before we’d started weaning! God only knows how heavy he is now.

His hair seems like it’s getting fairer and fairer with each wash, it’s super light considering his daddy has jet black hair. I’m wondering if he’ll stay that way, I’d love him to be a lil blondie when he’s a toddler. It’s just starting to grown I properly now, there’s still that cute lil bald patch at the back where he rocks his head side to wide to self settle to sleep. Despite loads of people telling us to cut his long bit off, we’ve kept it there as mummy and daddy think it’s absolutely adorable and it’s so sweet when it goes all curly when he gets out the bath. He’s definitely got my hair!

His eyes play tricks on us constantly! One day they’re super blue, the next they’re going muddy brown and then back to bluey grey. I have no idea if they’ll stay blue like Mummy or go brown like his Dada. Either way, he’s got gorgeous eyes and those super thick, long eyelashes will complement them whatever colour they go.

So there we go, six wonderful months have flown by! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… this parenting gig is HARD!

But by god it’s worth it.

We’ve taken comfort in the fact that nothing is forever, every phase that we struggle through does eventually end and somehow (with the help of strong coffee and a little swearing) we get through it and on to the next one.

“This too shall pass” and “just keep swimming” have gotten me through the most sleepless nights and the most tearful tantrums!

Thanks for reading.

Love Charlie x

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