NYX Bare With Me Tinted Skin Veil | Beauty Review

Hey lovelies,

Do you ever find a beauty product so perfect for you, that you no longer feel the need to keep trying anything else?

Since having Ollie, I feel like I’ve aged twenty years overnight. My skin feels dry and dull and wrinkles are definitely appearing thick and fast around my eyes! My old foundation did a great job at hiding those dark marks under my eyes and my naturally rosey cheeks (love them on little cherub children, hate rosey cheeks on myself!). However, my skin soon looked dry and cracked again, my wrinkles looked more pronounced and I looked duller than a wet day at the beach.

In the past seven months, I’ve tried all kinds of foundations including fave Fenty foundation, MAC, Max Factor, matte, dewy, 24 hour wear, bb cream, cc cream, tinted moisturisers… mixing my own! The list goes on.

Anyway, last month I went shopping with my mum for yet another tinted moisturiser and came across the NYX section in Boots. Having never tried any NYX products and not even researching it prior to buying (I usually have to give everything a background check before purchasing), I picked up the Bare With Me Tinted Skin Veil. After swatching on my wrist, I figured I’d give it a go.

My Skin

Combination Abomination. Greasy T-Zone. Dry patches under and above eyes. Hormonal acne. Pale. Neutral undertones. Occasional random peeling. Rosey cheeks perfect for a five year old (or one of Santa’s Elves). Huge dark under eye circles – curtesy of my darling son, please sleep longer now baby boy.

What Bare With Me Promises To Do
  • Provide a fresh faced look
  • Even out skin tone
  • Provide seamless coverage
  • Breathable, weightless formula
  • Skin looks luminous
  • Does not streak
  • Provides up to 8 hours wear
The Verdict

I bloody love this skin veil! I picked it up in the shade Vanilla Nude, a perfect colour for light skin with neutral undertones. In fact, it’s that good of a match to my natural skin tone, that I barely have to make an effort to blend it in properly.

It’s somewhere between a foundation and a tinted moisturiser, a lovely light consistency, without being too watery. It gives a perfect sheer coverage that can actually build up, to a point, if you need it to.

I always use a beauty blender to apply it and I must say, it goes on wonderfully. It definitely does what it says on the tube, as I’ve never had a product that truly gives a fresh faced look like this does. It makes my skin so velvety and soft, that it honestly looks and feels like I have no makeup on. Those god awful rosey cheeks and dark circles are evened out so effortlessly and I don’t look all dry and craggy after a few hours either.

My skin stays hydrated and luminous without looking greasy and sliding down my face. Presumably from the added aloe vera! It’s nice because it’s slightly matte too, not shiny, just a slight glow.

I love that it doesn’t sink into every crack and pore on my face. In fact it’s actually what’s known as a non comedogenic product, meaning it is formulated so that it does not cause blocked pores. Perfect to reduce the risk of blackheads and acne!

I must say, when I remove my makeup at the end of the day, I love that I don’t have a bright orange makeup wipe. Yes I use a wipe before washing, cleansing and toning! I would say it does last the 8 hours it promises, it’s not noticeable that it’s come away a bit and I don’t feel that I have to top it up at all. Most importantly, I don’t feel as though it slides down my face and sits in my creases!

Overall, I just love that it feels clean and breathable. It 100% ticks every box and does exactly as it says on the tube. It’s cheap as chips too, just £10 per 27ml tube, saving me £17 as my normal Fenty Pro Filt’r retails at £27!

My only complaint is that it’s not a very big tube, I’d love a bigger version!

Have you tried this yet? Let me know what you think!

Thanks for reading.

Love Charlie x

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