8 Glorious Months Of You

Hey lovelies,

My beautiful boy is 8 months old. EIGHT MONTHS OLD. Like, how?!

I’ve been fairly quiet on here recently, so I thought I’d give you a little Ollie update. Mostly because he takes up the majority of my time, but mainly because he is the light of my life and nothing else could possibly be more interesting!

So what’s new?

Brain Development and Personality

Ollie has come on in leaps and bounds since his first little smile around 2 months old. He has such a wonderful, cheeky personality starting to shine through. He laughs and laughs and it’s the most amazing sound! He loves exploring and being out and about, he giggles and shrieks with delight and has many likes and dislikes.

In his six month update I mentioned that he flexed his hands out to tell us he’d like to be picked up. Since then, in two short months, he’s learned to wave ‘hi’ and ‘bye’, he plays pat-a-cake, he knows to scream at the end of “row row row your boat”, he high fives, gives kisses and cuddles and even stands up against the sofa! That little brain of his is growing and growing and it’s incredible seeing how quickly he develops.

He’s so so so nearly crawling! He rocks back and forth on his hands and knees and launches himself forewords. You can tell he’s super frustrated about it and he’s raring to go. You’ll get it soon little man!

He definitely knows what he wants and when he wants it. He grunts and shouts at us to give him things or to come and get him, it’s hilarious when he’s determined to get your attention too. He’ll cock his head and make noises at me until I look up at him or start talking to him.

Physical Growth

We haven’t weighed Ollie in months but I’m pretty sure he’s around 2 stone now. He’s such a strong, sturdy boy, I’m pretty sure he’ll be into his Rugby when he’s older.

His hair has finally started covering his head and it’s growing through so lovely and dark golden coloured. That little bald patch on the back of his head has almost filled in, he seems like a proper little boy from behind now.

Teeth! We have two little bottom teeth now, they’re so cute, they seem to come up a little bit more each day. We brush them morning and night with his tiny banana toothbrush and his new pass time seems to be biting! I quite often go for a cuddle and get teeth marks on my shoulder. As you can imagine, we breastfeed less often now, not only is he a pro-weaner lol (I mean pro-eater) but he also likes the bite down and pull the nips and it bloody hurts!

Things Oliver Loves

Standing on his own against the sofa/whilst I hold his hands and shifting his weight from side to side and back and fourth. He loves wiggling about and ‘dancing’.

Playing peekaboo – I throw cloths/toys/clothes over him to cover his face and say “where’s Ollie?”, as soon as I say it, he pulls whatever it is away and I shout peekaboo! He thinks it’s great and would continue to do it all day long if I let him.

Shopping. He loves being out and about in general, I always catch him talking to people and looking around at everything to take it all in.

Bathtime. He loves a good splash and chew on the sponge.

Learning with Mummy and Daddy. We love to play Pat a cake and practice his little skills/sign language/actions to words. He knows what “no” means and will shake his head to say no. Last week we learned to do high fives! We’ve been ‘walking’ him to and from each other buy tilting Ollie when he’s standing from one foot to the other. It helps him to understand when to put one foot forward and how to balance his weight to learn to walk.

Independent play. Our little boy seems less of a baby and more toddler like at the minute. He’s quite happy to sit and play on the carpet by himself, as long as we’re in the same room and he can still ‘talk’ to us.

Eating! He loves his food, his favourites include spaghetti bolognese, Greek yoghurt with fruit and avocado and chicken pasta.

Peppa pig. The only tv show that he is completely infatuated with.

Mirrors. With a gorgeous face like that, you can’t blame him for loving his own reflection. He loves to make faces and giggle at himself.

Toys. He has a few favourite toys now and it’s very clear which he prefers to play with and which ones he’d rather leave in the toy basket. His Octopus teething rattle (from a collaboration with The Cotton Shop), his Lamaze Freddie the Firefly, any type of ball and his Jelly Cat Bunny seem to be his current top toys.

Things Oliver Dislikes

  • Getting dressed or undressed. Who knew putting a vest on a baby would mean five minutes of solid screaming and squirming to break free?
  • Kale. To be honest, I don’t blame him. It’s the only food he’s ever turned his nose up at though!
  • Being left alone. Oliver now understands that Mummy and Daddy can leave the room, if he can’t see us, he’s not happy.
  • Being told off. I mean, what kid does? We don’t tell him off properly – he’s 8 months old. But when he pulls hair or slaps our faces, we do say no firmly and he either cries or ‘shouts’ back at us whilst hitting and pulling harder. He’s a pretty rough kid this one.

As you can tell, our little boy is growing into a pretty funny little character. We absolutely adore the pants off him and seriously can’t get enough of the cheeky chap. I am so beyond proud of him and proud to be his Mummy. He is just so clever and funny. I want to teach him to be proud of himself for these things too. I want to teach him to be kind and patient, respectful and strong. I love him fiercely and I want him to love with all his heart, himself and others. I want him to be happy and confident and comfortable being who he is. Embrace life and enjoy all the big things and each small thing in between.

Our Ollie is everything that’s been missing from me. I can only hope and pray he understands how loved he is and how much joy and sunshine he brings to our lives. Here’s to the next 8 months little man ❤️

Thanks for reading lovelies, hope to see you in the next Oliver update!

Love Charlie x

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