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Hello lovelies!

I know I’ve been a little MIA since last September (wow!), but I’ve been a busy little bee with my little family and a few other things. If you follow me on my personal Instagram you’ll see that I have been alive and well and busy looking after our little man, Oliver.

I’ve recently thought about getting back into blogging, partly because my mind is always so damn busy, plus it’s a nice creative outlet to get those thoughts off my mind. I’ve found myself setting blog titles in my head a lot lately and since our one year old, yes he’s one already, is sleeping better now I thought well why not. So here’s a few updates from the last four months…

Oliver Turned One!

As mentioned above, our tiny 6lb 14oz baby is now a one year old toddler! How on earth did that come around so quickly? He had an amazing first birthday and was truly spoilt by all our friends and family.

We spent the day at our nearest Sealife Centre, where Ollie was fascinated by all the bright and colourful fish. He seemed to really enjoy himself and really took in everything he saw.

I Got A Part Time Job

In September, I started working at a super cute cafe/restaurant based on an alpaca farm. I’ve now been barista trained and promoted to part time supervisor. I absolutely love working there, everyone’s so nice and it’s nice to work for a family business and not a chain brand.

As well as making fancy coffees and serving afternoon teas, I occasionally get to feed the pigs, stroke alpacas and lambs, cuddle cats and taste test new food! We’re about to launch our new cocktail menu too which will be perfect for Valentine’s Day and the upcoming summer months. Follow the Chilli Bean on Instagram to win free cake!

I Set Up My Own Craft Business

I have no idea how this happened, but it did! I make heirloom dolls, bunting, baby rattles and other unique gifts, check out my Instagram @moondaisyhare. As well has hand sewing products, I create wooden engraved gifts and I’m currently working on some watercolour paintings and other artwork pictures. Keep your eyes peeled on my Instagram, I try to update it as often as possible and often let people in on sneak peaks!

We’re Selling Our House

It’s time for us to move onwards and upwards, I’ll be sad to leave our two bed home but that’s half of the problem – two beds. Myles and I eventually want to try for another baby so we’d need another bedroom and we need so much more storage and downstairs living space. So with that, our house is on the market and we’ve got our eyes on an amazing new build house with everything we need and more! Fingers crossed our house sells soon and we can go and reserve the house we really want.

I’m already designing each room in the new house and have already picked out pretty much everything. Myles keeps telling me to calm down and not get my hopes up, buuuuuut I can’t help but feel excited for our first proper family home. I know it’s sad, but I’m actually looking forward to posting some interior decor photos on my Instagram, there needs to be something other than 10’000 photos of our adorable son on there! 😂

There you have it, you’re now all updated on our fairly basic lives! Here’s to another year of blogging, family time and adventures!

Thanks for reading,

Love Charlie x

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